We buy

wire scrap

We buy various types of wire scrap (automotive, installation, control, power cables) and their production waste.

We sell

own production

From recycled wire scrap, we recycle copper and plastic. Then we trade in various fractions: copper A1 and A2 and plastic granules.

We represent


We represent the most famous Italian equipment for grinding, granulating, crushing, processing of non-ferrous metal scrap, etc.  manufacturer Stokkermill.

Baltic Recycling Solution

The main activity of the company is the processing of wires and cables, their import, export of copper and plastic pellets

Although the company is located in Panevėžys, we are active throughout the country, so we are one of the leading processors in Lithuania.

We have accumulated extensive experience in the field of wire recycling, and investment in new technologies allows us to offer our customers and partners the most favorable conditions and mutually beneficial cooperation.

We are always open to offers of both Lithuanian and foreign companies!

Services & Solutions

We represent the Italian company Stokkermill, which manufactures equipment for metal and wire scrap processing, so we can offer various solutions to other recycling companies.

Recycling of electrical wires and car braids
We can offer technical solutions for recycling particularly problematic materials, such as: armored cable with a diameter of more than 100 mm.
Recycling of electric motors
Stokkermill offers recycling solutions for electric motors, starters, generators and refrigerator compressors.
Treatment of electrical and electronic waste
The shredding and treatment of electronic waste offered by Stokkermill machines allows the treatment of various quantities of electrical and electronic equipment, giving priority to technological versatility and flexibility.

Recent Articles

We invite you to read the news about wire recycling solutions and get acquainted with the services and solutions provided by our company.

Our production

We recycle copper and plastic from scrap metal cables and sell it in different fractions

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    Customer feedback

    We started collaborating in 2017 and I liked this company right away because I saw the potential. These are people who understand what they are doing and what they want. This company is our representatives and is pleased to continue our cooperation
    Giuliano.G. ( Italy ) STOKKERMILL | SELTEK SRL
    We have known him as a company for about 10 years, and as managers for more than 20 years. These are individuals with a high business culture who fulfill their responsibilities on time
    orion client avatar
    Dainius.P. ( Lithuania )
    More than 10 years of cooperation between our companies based on trust. We deal with experienced experts in the metal business. A precise action plan, a responsible, positive attitude, quick decisions - gives only the pleasure of working with such high-level professionals.
    orion client avatar
    Julia.V. ( Germany )

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